February 22nd, 2013

Back in 2011, a widely
publicised BBC television programme, Panorama, highlighted concerns about the
levels of professionalism and regulation of will writing and probate services
under English law. Following that, a major regulatory review was undertaken in
the UK, which concluded with much stricter regulatory controls. So, effective
consumer protection in the UK for this area of legal services is now firmly

It is equally
important (if not, even more so) when choosing your Spanish legal adviser, that
you make the same enquiries of your Spanish legal adviser, as you would make of
professional advisers in your own country.

Due to the
professional background of our team (see “Our Team“), these are matters which have always been
extremely important to us.

Our professional body
in the UK is The Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners
(www.willwriters.com). Also, the Spanish lawyers handling our Spanish legal
cases are fully qualified and highly experienced in Spanish legal matters. They
are accountable to; regulated by; and professionally insured through their own
professional body in Spain (the Colegio de Abogados).

In addition to this,
every single Spanish legal document we provide for execution in Spain is
specifically approved by an authorising Notary- and in the case of Wills, also
accepted by the Central Wills Registry in Madrid. As such, the level of
accountability and professional protection afforded to our clients is second to

It is essential if you
are not a Spanish national, but have assets in Spain, that the legal advice you
receive is from legal professionals, who are appropriately qualified and
experienced in Spain. But equally importantly, your Spanish legal professionals
must also have the necessary qualification and experience of such matters in
your country of origin. Otherwise, it is impossible for you to be confident
that your legal position and responsibilities in Spain are correctly
“dovetailed” with your legal position and responsibilities in your country of
origin. Getting it wrong by not having proper professional advice could end up
being very costly for you and your family.

Also, it is important
to note that before confirming instructions in any Spanish legal matter, you
must be certain that you are completely clear about all applicable charges and
costs and how they are calculated; and further, you should ensure that any
client monies will be securely held on your behalf, in a designated client

We are more than happy
to give our clients the comfort they need on all these matters, as we are
dedicated professionals, committed to 100% client security and satisfaction.